New Brunswick Hope VI Memorial Homes
Demolition and Neighborhood Revitalization
New Brunswick, NJ

Adler Engineers, Inc. was selected by the City of New Brunswick Housing Authority and The Community Builders, Inc., of Philadelphia, PA, to provide engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental services associated with the demolition of four (4) existing apartment buildings and the redevelopment of the 4.75 ac.+/- block known as the Memorial Homes.  The project, to be supported by Hope IV funding, consists the demolition of four (4) nine story Housing Authority residential towers and the construction of 76 single-family units, comprised town homes and single story handicap accessible flats, a community building, maintenance building, new roadway and utility infrastructure, and the creation of active and passive recreation space.

For the demolition phase of the project, Adler provided the following services:

·          Demolition specifications for the implosion of the towers.

·          Environmental assessment and specifications for abatement of hazardous materials (including asbestos, ash, underground storage tanks, and lead based paint).

·          Site and utility survey

·          Coordination meetings with City/State/residents.

·          Monitoring of abatement/ remediation (*received violation-free OSHA inspection)

·          Oversight of demolition activities

·          Compaction testing & monitor

For the redevelopment phase, Adler provided the following services:

·          Full civil/site engineering design

·          Roadway/infrastructure design

·         Grading/Drainage/Lighting/Land-scaping/Soil Erosion

·          Permitting/NJDEP approvals

·          Construction was started in  June 2002.






Hope VI Neighborhood Revitalization- New Brunswick Homes- New Brunswick, NJ

ADLER was selected by the City of New Brunswick and The Community Builders, Inc., of Philadelphia, PA, to provide engineering, surveying, planning, and environmental services associated with the redevelopment of three (3) neighborhood areas in what is known as the Lower George Street region.  The project, to be supported by Hope IV funding, consists of multiple phases of planning, design, and construction of new residential dwellings and retail space.   

Phase I consists of single-family town homes, twin and triplex style homes, residential apartments over retail space, new infrastructure, and the renovation of existing residential and commercial structures.     The primary objective in planning this project was to orient the redevelopment along George Street to compliment and enhance the existing neighborhood, provide a non-discrete housing area, develop a link between the former residential and commercial areas, and encourage the establishment of new businesses along the George Street corridor.   Through numerous meetings with the client, City Officials, the design team, the Housing Authority, the residents, and steering committees, ADLER developed an overall revitalization plan for the Lower George Street Region identifying key areas for both current and future redevelopment, re-zoning issues, and the creation of recreational areas.   In this evaluation and planning effort, ADLER performed field surveys, environmental investigations and studies, and prepared conceptual development plans.    Following meetings and input from the City, Housing Authority, and the local residents, ADLER incorporated review comments and developed final design and construction documentation for the first phase of construction, which consisted of 61 residential units and 9 commercial units.    During the design development stage, ADLER submitted applications and obtained necessary approvals and permits for the site improvements.    Currently, ADLER is providing construction observations, administrative support, and stake-out services to the client.  The construction of this first phase is anticipated to be complete by December 2002.

Carpenter Hill, 32nd and High Streets, Camden, NJ

ADLER was selected by the Saint Joseph’s Carpenters Society to provide planning and engineering services associated with the redevelopment of three residential blocks in the eastern portion of Camden, NJ on 32nd Street.  Carpenter Hill, as the new subdivision is named, is one of the largest residential undertakings in Camden in the previous 20 years and will serve as a relocation neighborhood for residents of Westfield Acres, an adjacent housing authority facility that is scheduled for demolition.  In planning this neighborhood, several factors revealed by the residents and the City guided and directed the redevelopment plan, including security, lighting, infrastructure failure, architecture, streetscape, and the need for a community center.   Utilizing this input and guidance, ADLER prepared a redevelopment plan consisting of 50 twin style residential units to compliment the existing neighborhood architecture, utility and infrastructure improvements, and a streetscape plan (lighting and landscaping) designed to provide a sense of security, openness, and aesthetics.  ADLER investigated the infrastructure failure noted by the residents and identified the need for replacement and upgrade of the local storm water conveyance system to drastically reduce a flooding condition present on the adjacent properties.  In a planning analysis, ADLER further determined that the reduction of this condition was critical to the feasibility of this project and the redevelopment of this portion of Camden.  ADLER developed this redevelopment plan into design/construction documentation, obtained local and county approvals, and is currently working through construction administrative services.

W. Jersey Renewal-10th & Everett Street Homes, Camden, NJ

ADLER was retained by the Saint Joseph’s Carpenters Society and West Jersey Renewal to redevelop a parcels located on the corner of 10th and Everett Streets in Camden, NJ, as part of West Jersey Hospital’s effort to improve and revitalize its surrounding neighborhood.  This project consisted of the redevelopment of five (5) units, two new twin-style dwellings and the rehabilitation of an existing unit.    ADLER completed preliminary and final site development plans for the approval by the City and County Planning Boards and the West Jersey Renewal organization.   ADLER provided numerous services, including, survey, site development plans, subdivision plan, alley vacation, grading & drainage designs, and utility designs. 




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