Universal Design
Adler provides state-of-the-art services in Universal Design. The objective of these services is to design products, homes, businesses and environments to be used by our clients to the greatest extent possible without the need for adaptation or specialized design to compensate for personal physical or environmental changes which occur over a lifetime. Universal Design’s major principles include: Equitable Use (for people with diverse abilities and disabilities), Flexibility (incorporates a wide range of individual preference and abilities), Simple and Intuitive (regardless of user experience, knowledge, language skills or concentration level), Perceptible Information (regardless of user’s sensory abilities or ambient conditions), Tolerance for Error (minimizes hazards and adverse consequences of accidental or unintended actions on the part of the user), Low Physical Effort (use is efficient and comfortable with a minimum of effort), and Size and Space Considerations (for appropriate reach and manipulation regardless of body size, posture and mobility).

Sustainable Design
provides state-of-the-art services in Sustainable Design and Development. The objective of these services is to provide homes and businesses that meet the needs of people without diminishing their living standards in the future. Sustainable Design and Development is a continually evolving process that helps in meeting the growing demand for housing while at the same time protecting environmental quality. This is done while conserving the natural resource base essential for future life and development. The major principles include: energy efficiency, recycling, avoidance of manmade or dangerous chemicals, water conservation, use of renewable resources, alternatives to fossil fuels (solar and wind), redevelopment as opposed to using raw land, and solid waste reduction. We take the latest in technological advances, the latest in building techniques, the most advanced building materials and build an environment which has the least impact on future generations.

Threat and Security Assessments
The Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon; the hijacking of commercial aircraft on September 11, 2001, and the subsequent acts of bioterrorism through the US Postal Service have completely changed the conditions of security and safety for public utilities, industries, businesses and personal living in the United States. The President has declared war on terrorist groups and, has stated that these conditions could exist for a prolonged period.

There is high probability that terrorists will continue to carry out attacks in the United States. Currently, the Federal Government is undergoing a dramatic transformation in its efforts to protect the institutions and infrastructure that provide for the national security and economic viability of the Nation.

Adler evaluates facilities from the perspective of physical and human security, and makes recommendations for the “hardening “ of these sites against potential attack by terrorist organizations. Our organization includes degreed Professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience in the Military, Department of State and other government agencies.

Telecommunications Design and Engineering
Adler offers the following tasks in the following subgroups: We provide these services all under “one roof” utilizing a single point of contact method. Adler routinely conducts the following tasks as required:

Site Acquisition Services

Site Permitting Services

Engineering and Design (A&E) Services


Site Construction Services

Adler provides all work described above by utilizing in-house personnel. These personnel have unique experience in serving wireless providers throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

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